About Asahina & Wallace

Asahina & Wallace is a Los Angeles-based publisher of fiction and nonfiction. Founded in 2013 by two expatriates from the Manhattan-centric microcosm of media, journalism, and publishing, A&W hopes to express both the best of the West Coast (and of the East Coast and everywhere in between) and the global possibilities of the digital age. A&W will publish its works in the formats (print, digital) and through the channels (bricks and mortar, Web) that best serve our community of authors and readers in our neighborhood and around the world. Against the rapidly changing landscape of publishing, A&W will try to balance decades of experience in legacy publishing with an openness to the brave new digital world.



Robert B. Wallace, an award-winning TV producer and magazine editor, has more than 30 years experience in print and electronic media, He has been Vice President of Content Development at ESPN, a senior producer and senior story editor for Diane Sawyer at Prime Time Live (where he won an Emmy for Outstanding Informational or Cultural Programming), editor of Rolling Stone (which won National Magazine Awards for Reporting, Photography, and Design during his tenure), editor in chief of St. Martin's, and an editor at Newsweek, the Denver Post, and Talk. He serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of PEN Center USA.




Robert Asahina has been editor in chief of Broadway Books (a Random House imprint), President and Publisher of the Adult Trade Group of Golden Books, Vice President of Simon & Schuster, Deputy Managing Editor of The New York Sun, and an editor at GeorgeHarper'sThe New York TimesGEO, and The Public Interest. He has also been a film critic for The New Leader and The American Spectator, a theater critic for The Hudson Review, a contributor to numerous periodicals, a consultant on enterprise data strategy and management at Freddie Mac, editor of the 4% Growth Project website, and the author of Just Americans, one of the Washington Post's best nonfiction books of 2006.


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