March 28, 2014

Jerry from the Block: PW Talks with Jerome Kass

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Out of the Bronx, screenwriter Kass’s fiction debut, follows the charming Sachs family in a set of 10 related short stories spanning from the 1940s to present.

After years of writing for the screen and stage, what drew you to short stories?

One day, feeling a need for a change, it occurred to me to sit down at the computer and finish a short story I’d begun some years before. I not only finished it but I found it to be the most enjoyable writing experience I’d ever had. At the same time, my good friend, the editor Robert Wallace, was starting an online publishing company with his friend and colleague Robert Asahina. I told Bob I’d written a short story. He asked to read it—with no other motive, I don’t think, than curiosity about my work. He told me he loved the writing and suggested I do some more stories, this time with the idea of his publishing a collection. Of course, I grabbed his suggestion.

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