Among Women: Lives of Challenge, Courage and Faith in Biblical Times

Among Women: Lives of Challenge, Courage and Faith in Biblical Times

Carol M. Perry, SU

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April 8, 2014

Sister Carol Perry: A Practical Faith

"Religious wars and persecutions for religious reasons are wrong, be they the Crusades of the Middle Ages or the jihad of the Muslim extremists today. No one group has a monopoly on truth."

They could be your neighbors, cousins, sisters, mothers. But even though they lived in another world at a different time, they share our human condition.

These are the women of whose lives of challenge, courage, and faith appear in the Bible. They include the familiar and the unfamiliar, the powerful and the powerless, the married and the widowed, the saintly and the sinful.

Of course, our businesswoman today is quite different from Martha of Bethany or Tamar of Canaan back then. Or is she? Sister Carol invites us to see these women and to imagine them asking us, “What might you have done had you been me?”

We will have to make our own decisions in our own circumstances, and the women of the Bible can serve as models. They lived in a patriarchy because that is all their world knew. But they found their way to shape their lives, some with success and some without, and we cannot ignore them.

Among Women tells the story of a kinship that defies time and place.

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