Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up by Carol M. Perry, SU

Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up

Carol M. Perry, SU

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April 2, 2016

A Kinship Spanning the Ages

In Among Women: Lives of Challenge, Courage and Faith in Biblical Times, Sister Carol Perry tells the stories of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the powerful and the powerless, the married and the widowed, and the saintly and the sinful women whose lives we cannot ignore.

April 8, 2014

Sister Carol Perry: A Practical Faith

"Religious wars and persecutions for religious reasons are wrong, be they the Crusades of the Middle Ages or the jihad of the Muslim extremists today. No one group has a monopoly on truth."

In our frantic world, we all need time to stop and breathe. But how can we nurture our inner beings when the outer world demands so much? Waiting For Our Souls To Catch Up invites readers to begin a journey of the heart and mind in which a small effort of faith, guided by reason, can yield huge spiritual dividends. From the small rituals that enhance our daily lives to the study of the historical and scriptural legacy shared by the world’s great religions, Waiting For Our Souls To Catch Up is an intelligent reader’s guide to the wisdom of the ages.

Sister Carol Perry is the “nun in the basement” at Marble Collegiate Church, the oldest Protestant congregation with continuous service in North America, made famous by Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking). A Catholic nun, Sister Carol has been the Resident Bible Scholar at Marble for three decades. She is the co-author of Called and Sent and has been a recipient of two National Endowment for the Humanities grants. She was selected as an Educator of the Year by the Association of Teachers of New York and has lectured across the country on scripture, Christian feminism, and the role of women in the Biblical world. A Sister of St. Ursula, she is a graduate of Fordham University and earned an M.A. in Theology at St. Mary’s, Notre Dame.

Sister Carol's Sunday morning classes are streamed live online at 10:00 a.m., ET, repeated most Sundays at 12:45 p.m., ET. (Encores streamed in July and August when Sister Carol is away). Old episodes are available in Marble Collegiate's Webcast Archive or on Vimeo.

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“Bring your highlighter and your sense of wonder to a comfortable chair and marvel at what you didn’t know about Biblical history. Waiting For Our Souls To Catch Up is a must read for all those seeking a spiritual peace in a high-tech world. But most of all bring your appreciation of Sister Carol Perry’s scholarly brilliance in refining prayer, faith, and grace. I love this book. I will always have two, my annotated one and another one to give away.”

Rolland G. Smith, Broadcast journalist, author, and poet

"Sister Carol Perry is one of the most brilliant biblical scholars I have ever known. She truly breaks the mold: a loyal Roman Catholic who marches ahead of and challenges her denomination in much of the world’s social agenda, a respected nun who has been on the staff of America’s oldest Protestant congregation for over 30 years, and a woman of maturity who holds an undeniable appeal to the young and the hip. When you read this book, you are in for a treat. It will leave you longing for more."

Michael Brown, Senior Minister of Marble Collegiate Church

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