Acclaim for The Magiker

"Charles Dennis has taken the psychological thriller and woven into it a time-travel story of history and ritual and the power of love to survive anything—including death. It is a brilliantly researched and wonderful read, especially if you're a romantic. As I am."

Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey

"The Magiker is an exuberantly original thriller, at once hilarious and informative, ingenious, and deftly romantic."

Nicholas Meyer, author of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

"Mysticism, romance, and humor are all between the covers of this new book by Charles Dennis. Not easy to accomplish all three at the same time, like juggling an apple, a banana, and a fretsaw, but he's done it."

Michael Lindsay-Hogg, author of Luck and Circumstance

"Oy, a sight to behold, le dernier cri! That's the story Charles Dennis has offered up to us. He pulls us deeper and deeper into the arcana of Jewish mysticism. With this plunge into the netherworld, Dennis gives us a fascinating story. And if you think you're alone out there, if you don't read this book, you will be."

Ed Asner, actor

"Charles Dennis is one of my favorite writers. The Magiker is partially his tribute to Elmore Leonard, with a healthy portion of Mr. Dennis’s own sense of irony and, of course, his distinctive humor."

Dan Aykroyd, actor and author of Elwood’s Blues

"Charles Dennis is a gifted farceur and his latest novel, The Magiker, reflects that talent. It’s as though Sigmund Freud and Kurt Vonnegut have met the Marx Bothers. The Magiker is outrageous, mysterious, funny, sexy, and certainly entertaining."

Elliott Gould

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