“Bring your highlighter and your sense of wonder to a comfortable chair and marvel at what you didn’t know about Biblical history. Waiting For Our Souls To Catch Up is a must read for all those seeking a spiritual peace in a high-tech world. But most of all bring your appreciation of Sister Carol Perry’s scholarly brilliance in refining prayer, faith, and grace. I love this book. I will always have two, my annotated one and another one to give away.”

Rolland G. Smith, Broadcast journalist, author, and poet

"Sister Carol Perry is one of the most brilliant biblical scholars I have ever known. She truly breaks the mold: a loyal Roman Catholic who marches ahead of and challenges her denomination in much of the world’s social agenda, a respected nun who has been on the staff of America’s oldest Protestant congregation for over 30 years, and a woman of maturity who holds an undeniable appeal to the young and the hip. When you read this book, you are in for a treat. It will leave you longing for more."

Michael Brown, Senior Minister of Marble Collegiate Church

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