January 22, 2014

Books Don't Want to Be Free: How Publishing Escaped the Cruel Fate of Other Culture Industries

If you’re in the business of selling journalism, moving images, or music, you have seen your work stripped of value by the digital revolution. Translate anything into ones and zeroes, and it gets easier to steal and harder to sell at a sustainable price. Yet people remain willing to fork over a decent sum for books, whether in print or in electronic form.

January 22, 2014

Random House pushes Roger Ailes bio forward to Jan. 14

Due to heavy media attention and heightened interest, Random House has decided to move publication of Gabriel Sherman's biography of Fox News chief Roger Ailes forward by one week.

January 22, 2014

Bezos and the Post

How involved has he been in anything else related to the Post? True, the Post has made some good hires, post-Bezos — luring AP Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Goldman and National Review’s Robert Costa — but beyond that so far it seems as if Bezos bought the paper as a relatively inexpensive (for him) favor to former Post company chief executive officer Donald Graham and the country by preserving it but leaving it alone.


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