April 30, 2014

Jesus Was Not a Christian: 10 Surprising Facts About the New Testament

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1. Jesus was not a Christian but a lifelong practicing Jew.

2. Jesus was his full name. “Christ” was a Messianic title he never used.

3. Jesus was not a carpenter in our understanding of the word, but more of a construction worker.

4. Jesus was an oral teacher. There was no written record of his words in his lifetime.

5. Jesus never met Paul in person, and Paul was not one of the Twelve.

6. Paul as a traditional rabbi worked at his leather-goods trade regularly.

7. Paul addressed none of his letters to us. We are reading someone else's mail when we turn their pages.

8. Paul never saw a written gospel, since he died before the first one was written.

9. Paul never hesitated to praise the role that women played in hosting the house churches he founded.

10. Paul longed to reach his fellow Jews, but instead his ministry was to the pagan world.

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