Elites or Freedom Fighters: How the Amazon-Hachette Battle Took on the Rhetoric of Class Warfare

July 16, 2014

The battle between Amazon and Hachette has come to seem symbolic of a lot more than a fight between two companies. One side defends the ideals that this nation was founded on: Independence and freedom from tyranny. The other side is made up of elites who keep the little people down and take the money that is rightfully theirs in an attempt to control the message and maintain the status quo.... To those taking sides in Amazon vs. Hachette, this fight isn’t simply a contract negotiation between two large corporations. It’s a clash of value systems; an actual example of class warfare. Amazon seems to understand that better than Hachette does, and it is successfully making Hachette seem aloof, snobbish and elite.


By Laura Hazard Owen

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