April 11, 2018

"Thank You, Mr. Trump"

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In Vanity Fair, Leslie Cockburn, prize-winning journalist and author of Baghdad Solitaire, explains why she is among the record number of female candidates — Democratic and Republican alike — who are running for Congressional or statehouse seats:

As I travel around the district, people often say, It’s your time—time for a woman. I feel that I am part of a tidal wave of women in 2018. When I went to a “candidates’ week” event in Washington, I sat at a table with Congresswoman Frankel and a group of women hopefuls.... I asked all of them to tell me their backgrounds. Air Force, Navy, C.I.A., tech executive, union organizer. There were no politicians among them. Each was highly qualified in her own field. Each was determined to win.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for propelling me into such good company.

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